So You Want to be a Music Supervisor?

A good music supervisor must be open-minded, easily able to assimilate and prepared to be the calm in the middle of a storm (of which there are many). – TIDAL, August 8, 2019 Read More   Image Source: Courtesy of Eunbyul Lee

Reclaiming Plant Architecture

“To this end, it is most provocative to ask not what architects did to plants, but if and how plants used their points of contact with architects—through architectural drawings and the ways in which architects adapted plant-based models of resource processing—to increase their own chances of survival.” – e-flux Journal – August 21, 2019 Read…

Alumni Band Spotlights Special Needs Activists

Playing music with friends at sunset on a Malibu mountaintop can be described in many ways. For Caley Versfelt, the best word to use is “funtastic.” – Daily Bruin, July 29, 2019  Read More Listen Image Source: Courtesy of Stephen Spies, Daily Bruin

Treatment Plan: An Essay by 2019 Emerging Voices Fellow Anthony Hoang

I spent most of my young adulthood building a stable and well-rounded life. It included a job in finance that had a matching 401k, spontaneous trips to places like Istanbul and Morocco, and a membership to an expensive gym that had lavender scented towels. Except these things didn’t satisfy me. – PEN America, July 26,…

These Are the Architects Whose Houses Set off Insane Bidding Wars in L.A.

Big names, vintage houses, frenzy, and yearning “We’ve had so much bad building recently,” says Eleanor Schrader, a longtime instructor of architectural history at UCLA Extension. “People find a Paul Williams or a Wallace Neff, and they see instantly that they are well put together and they are certainly not garish.” – Los Angeles Magazine…