Art and Ingenuity Thrive in Cathedral City Cove

The Cathedral City Cove neighborhood comprises the section of the city south of East Palm Canyon Drive between Date Palm Drive and Bankside Drive, fanning out into the foothills of the Santa Rosa Mountains. A diverse community popular among artists and the LGBT community, the cove enjoys a colorful history as the home of Cahuilla Indians, the original inhabitants of the Coachella Valley and, later, as a melting pot of sorts for working families and eclectics in search of expressive freedom. In 1850, Col. Henry Washington, of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, determined that some desert canyons resembled the interior of a grand cathedral, and the concept stuck. While early developers referred to the housing subdivisions as Cathedral City, it was not officially incorporated as such until 1981. –, April 1, 2016

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Image Source:; Millicent Harvey