Alumni Band Spotlights Special Needs Activists

Playing music with friends at sunset on a Malibu mountaintop can be described in many ways. For Caley Versfelt, the best word to use is “funtastic.” – Daily Bruin, July 29, 2019  Read More Listen Image Source: Courtesy of Stephen Spies, Daily Bruin

Treatment Plan: An Essay by 2019 Emerging Voices Fellow Anthony Hoang

I spent most of my young adulthood building a stable and well-rounded life. It included a job in finance that had a matching 401k, spontaneous trips to places like Istanbul and Morocco, and a membership to an expensive gym that had lavender scented towels. Except these things didn’t satisfy me. – PEN America, July 26,…

‘We think you should be a conductor’: An Interview with Eimear Noone

Her further move into game and film music came via Screen Training Ireland in Dublin. Noone took a film composing course (part of the UCLA Extension Film Scoring programme), where she received training from renowned film composers such as Don Ray. – Journal of Music, March 2019  Read More Listen Image Source: Photo courtesy of Steve…

Strippers Are Doing It for Themselves

Antonia Crane, a dancer, author and writing instructor at U.C.L.A. Extension, is hoping to capitalize on the Dynamex decision. – New York Times, July 24, 2019 Read More Image Source: Photo courtesy of Ruth Fremson, The New York Times

Four Extraordinary Women Helped Shape UCLA

A library collection, a garden, a building and a clinic. These bear the names of four extraordinary women who joined UCLA during its first 50 years. All four were famous in their time. Yet today they are mostly forgotten, little known on the campus where they worked and taught. – UCLA Magazine, July 23, 2019…