Five Emerging Interior Designers From Around the World

“My aesthetic is about a mix,” said Ms. Baradaran… “It’s a combination of vintage finds, contemporary arts and my own furniture collection in order to create unique spaces that reflect the homeowner. Vintage pieces feel timeless and fresh next to contemporary pieces. I strive to create work that is fresh, sophisticated and relevant.” – Barron’s,…

My Best Investment as a Photographer

In fact, the way I learned still photography was in class studying cinematography. It was a heck of a lot cheaper for students to learn about f-stops using still camera then burning through 35mm motion picture film. The tools to create moving images and still images are incredibly similar. – Fstoppers, January 17, 2018  …

NBC Unveils Late Night Writers Workshop Class Of 2019

NBC has chosen the participants for its 2019 Late Night Writers Workshop, an initiative for emerging diverse late night and sketch comedy writers, the network announced today. – Deadline, April 17, 2019   Read More Image Source: Photo courtesy of NBC

Single Mother, Only Daughter – A Documentary

A touching documentary capturing an emotional conversation between an immigrant single mother and her daughter directed by Ellie Wen. – Girls in Film, March 18, 2019   Watch Now Image Source: Courtesy of Girls in Film

Novel idea: A Thriller with a Strong Female Lead

After working for years as an actress in Hollywood, Kim Simons decided to go back to college.  The then-37-year-old enrolled in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, a continuing education program, as she aspired to be a screenwriter. As she sat in a Los Angeles classroom with other novice writers, Simons came up with the idea…