Q&A with the Man Who Puts the Science in “Defiance”

Kevin Grazier is a planetary physicist who worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the Cassini/Huygens Mission to Saturn and Titan, and is currently conducting research on long-term, large-scale computational simulations of Solar System dynamics and evolution. Grazier has also been a science advisor for numerous television shows such as “Eureka,” “Battlestar Galactica,” and the new SyFy show “Defiance.”  “Defiance” pairs the realism of a television show with the interactivity of a massively multiplayer online game that will parallel and sometimes intersect with the show’s story line to give fans a unique experience. – InsideScience.org, April 15, 2013

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Image Source: InsideScience.org; Kevin Grazier