Your Ultimate Guide to Finding and Keeping Critique Partners

So…you have a finished draft of a novel? Congratulations! Most aspiring writers never get that far, so already, you’re ahead of the game. But now what? You know enough to know that you need readers. But who? And where do you find them?

Writing Classes: Online or otherwise, this is a great place to start. You will be given assignments that will improve your craft and the instructor will critique your work, but the most valuable thing you’ll find in these classes are other writers who want what you want—reliable readers for their work. Pay attention to who has work you enjoy reading. Who offers positive and critical feedback (you want someone who is tough, yet won’t forget to point out the parts they love). If you finish the class with one new relationship formed, you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

UCLA Extension is filled with great instructors, and that’s where I met one of my best CPs, Alexandra. She lives in Florida but over the years, we’ve become great friends as well as CPs. –, January 18, 2018

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