Dunn-Edwards Portraits: Paris, a Pandemic and the Process of Design

“I was really intimidated about going back to school. I wondered if I could handle a full-time student workload. But I realized everything has its challenges, whether it’s working full time or school—it was fun and hard…”   – Marina Edwards, Specs & Spaces, Dunn-Edwards, April  12, 2022 Hidalgo Project Images Courtesy of  Marni Mervis, Founder…

A Minnesotan’s Perspective

“I had positive feedback, with multiple people who wanted to represent the book. I didn’t know or anticipate any of the things that happened. Everything preceded from that point is beyond anything I expected. The fact of its publication was a shock. It was translated into 12 languages, I didn’t think of that as a…

Toward a Literature of Sign Language

“Stories were my tool for learning about the hearing world in which I lived.” Ross Showalter – LitHub,  March 18, 2022  Read more Ross Showalter Writers’ Program Instructor Statement Image Courtesy of LitHub

The Enlightenment Project by Lynn Hightower

New York Best Selling author, Lynn Hightower talks about her latest thriller, “The Enlightenment Project.”  – Afternoon Live,  KATU 2ABC, March 3, 2022    Watch Read more about Lynn Hightower, Instructor, UCLA Extension Writers’ Program  

Air Force Test Center Honors Black History Month: Interview with Terence Vickers

What is your proudest accomplishment?    “I actually have two. I completed a six-course curriculum in project management via UCLA Extension Program. I have been entrusted and appointed to serve as Contracting Officer. This authority allows me to legally bind the government in the procurement of products and services for contractors.” – Terence Vickers,  Air…