Author and TV showrunner Jim Gavin started a Publishing Company

The deeper reason Gavin founded a publishing company is because he wanted to publish a novel by a writer named Lou Mathews, who had been Gavin’s first creative writing teacher at the UCLA Extension school who helped Gavin corral his own interest in writing, and who Gavin considers “the great undiscovered L.A. writer.” – Chicago Tribune, September 1, 2021

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Shaky Town by Lou Mathews
“Los Angeles is a city of a thousand villages. Some of the villages are a block square, some sprawl for miles. The boundaries are sometimes those of kinship – you can see more pork-pie hats and name-stitched bowling shirts in Echo Park today than you could when people knew what a pork-pie hat was and there were still bowling alleys in the neighborhood – but mainly the boundaries are drawn by money, race, culture, creed, sexual disposition, age, tolerance, intolerance and even mode of transport. If you are a lowrider, you probably live in East, East L.A., ideally El Sereno. If you are a bike rider who likes to thump on the fenders of encroaching cars, you probably live on the west side, ideally Mar Vista.”

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Photo of Lou Mathews courtesy of Tiger Van Books

Shaky Town book jacket courtesy of Tiger Van Books

Middle Men book jacket  courtesy of Simon and Schuster