Toward a Literature of Sign Language

“Stories were my tool for learning about the hearing world in which I lived.” Ross Showalter – LitHub,  March 18, 2022  Read more Ross Showalter Writers’ Program Instructor Statement Image Courtesy of LitHub

Air Force Test Center Honors Black History Month: Interview with Terence Vickers

What is your proudest accomplishment?    “I actually have two. I completed a six-course curriculum in project management via UCLA Extension Program. I have been entrusted and appointed to serve as Contracting Officer. This authority allows me to legally bind the government in the procurement of products and services for contractors.” – Terence Vickers,  Air…

Multidisciplinary Artist Repurposes Interior Design Waste into Eclectic Home Decor

“I was immersed in materials—fabrics, stones, and woods—and started to see the artistic value of decor,” … “Then it finally hit me: This is how you make a living making art.”   Diana Adams Business of Home,  February 17, 2022 Read more Image Courtesy of Business of Home, Justin Galligher and Sample House  

Grocery Shopping in Virtual Reality – a UX Class Project

“Consider this project our lens for exploring how users might try to grocery shop and interact with the capabilities of VR — is it a viable option for companies to try and implement or is it better off as a standalone platform?” – Medium, September 5, 2021 As written by Megan Duyongco, Johnson Ma, &…

Certificate Graduation Ceremonies 2021

UCLA Extension hosted the Certificate Graduation Ceremony honoring over 2000 graduates on June 14, 2021, at the Los Angeles Tennis Center on the UCLA Campus. To accommodate in-person graduates, two ceremonies were held at 1:30 and 6:00 pm. All ceremonies were livestreamed. Here are featured images from the two events. We congratulate all the graduates….